Sustainability & providing real good food is at the very core of our business.

Unlike many meat-alternative products, which are highly processed and require additional resources to mimic meat, Jackfruit is a natural, whole food option.
We are not trying to mimic meat with Jackfruit, but to show you how versatile Jackfruit can be with just natural ingredients and authentic Indian spices!

We care about what we put in our food


Jackfruit, the “hero” ingredient in our meals is a naturally versatile & sustainable ingredient, that gained its popularity in the western world recently.

Along with Jackfruit, we add authentic Indian spices to create our signature flavours…nothing else! We care about what we put in our food & creating a better world for the future generations!

Home compostable packaging

Along with our ingredients, we wanted our packaging also to be environmentally positive. We spent over 2 years researching & testing different types of packaging, because we wanted it to be consumer friendly too.

Finally we came across the sugarcane bagasse trays that are freezer safe, oven friendly & microwaveable. Its completely biodegradable, home compostable & recyclable.

Jackfruit Home Compostable
jackfruit tree

Supporting the farmers

Our Jackfruits are hand-picked from the trees in Kerala (popularly known as God’s own country), which is the southern state of India. They are collected from the farmers and households with Jackfruit trees in their back gardens. This provides an additional income to their families and better livelihood.

Frozen produce has a lower carbon footprint

One of the most significant ways to start your sustainable journey is to reduce food waste. And one of the best ways to reduce food waste is to freeze it.

Frozen food has a much longer shelf life, which means less food going off before you get the chance to eat it. Secondly, frozen produce can be easily portioned so you can cook only what you need and save the rest for another day.

We blast freeze our food so we don’t have to use additional preservatives, keeping it fresher for longer.

BFFF Frozen food wastage
*Courtesy of image to BFFF
Shipping Vessel

Full container loads by ship

All our frozen food are made in our factories in Kerala, India…then loaded onto full 40Ft containers and then shipped across the globe. Sea freight is much environmental friendly than air freight