Our family run business NIKASU has been manufacturing authentic Indian Frozen food & exporting globally for over 2 decades!
JACK & CHILL is the 2nd brand under our umbrella exclusively for Jackfruit products.
We are not here to mimic meat with Jackfruit, but to show you how versatile Jackfruit can be with just natural ingredients and authentic Indian spices…that’s good for you & for the planet!

Here at JACK & CHILL, we are passionate about creating naturally delicious & flavoursome Jackfruit meals not just for vegans or vegetarians, but to inspire meat-eaters too!



All our Jackfruit is sourced from the local farms & house holds in Kerala. This makes sure we support their families by providing additional income.


Our Jackfruit is sourced & processed as per customers orders. After which it is immediately frozen to preserve the nutrients. If required, they are prepared into snacks or meals before shipping them out.


All our products are cooked with minimal and natural ingredients. So pleased to hear when our customers say they taste “HOME-MADE”.

Meet our founder:
Nisha Menon

I grew up in Kerala, India – “the Land of Jackfruits”, where my Grandmother introduced me to this very special fruit in recipes passed down from generations.

After moving to the UK, I became determined to introduce this versatile and healthy fruit, so that everyone can enjoy the huge benefits and in doing so re-energise the Plant based category with a natural, great tasting & inspirational range. And that’s how I decided to launch our 1st Frozen range of Jackfruit Burgers, Biryani & Pulled Jackfruit in January 2019 with all PLANET ORGANIC and many independent health stores in the UK.