Our family run business NIKASU has 2 factories based in Kerala (God’s own country) manufacturing Frozen food products for over 20 years. Head office in Cochin was set up by Mr K.K.Pillai in 1987. You can visit our website www.nikasu.com for the company history. Our dedication & passion for supporting our employees & their families has kept us successful for over 2 decades.

JACK & CHILL was born with a mission to educate & spread the benefits of Jackfruit around the world. Thus preventing the wastage of this fruit in its native state, Kerala.

We offer Frozen Pulled Jackfruit as our flagship product to Manufacturers, Food service & Retail customers. So:

Opening Cans
  • No more opening & disposing tins
  • No more effort in getting it Pulled
  • No more mess with sticky latex